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  • How accurate are the colours?
    I take great care to ensure that the colours are as accurate as possible when we photograph yarns and other items. However, there may be a slight difference in colour because of computer monitors or software
  • How long does it take to spin the yarns?
    'Well, how long is a piece of string' is part of the answer here. The thinner and finer the yarn, the longer it is for the weight. It also takes longer to spin. 100g of super bulky yarn might take two hours to spin, whereas 100g of laceweight yarn might take more than 10. Complex art yarns, with many plies, or ones that need a lot of stopping and starting such as a yarn with locks sticking out of it, also take longer to spin.
  • How to you ensure your yarns and shawl pins are good quality?
    I only use high quality materials from sources that I know. Yarns won't break or have breaks or knots in them. Yarns and fibres are tested for colour fastness before being offered for sale, although there may be a slight colour bleed in the first few washes, which is why I always recommend washing separately. Shawl pins and buttons are tested for strength and duability. Colour will not come off on clothing.
  • Do you use natural dyes?
    No. I use acid dyes specifically developed for protein fibres such as wool and silk. This gives me control over the dyeing process and provides repeatable colours I can depend upon that will last for years. I also use Australian made dyes such as Landscapes. Despite their name, natural dyes sitll require the use of mordants that are potentially toxic to aquatic life. Natural dyes also take years to master, and do not give reliable, repeatable results.
  • What are the shawl pins and buttons made from?
    My one-off shawl pins and buttons are made from polymer clay, which is a bakeable plastic modelling clay. Texture and designs are added and then embelished with paints and mica powders. The shawl pin sticks are made from 3.25mm bamboo knitting needles, and can be used on most knitted/crocheted/woven items without damaging them. The sticks can be worn on their own for a different look, and the shawl pins can also be worn as hair accessories.
  • Can you spin me some yarn from the fibre I have?
    The answer is "it depends". It depends what the fibre is, how clean it is and what you want spun. Contact me to discuss options.
  • Can you provide an alibi?
    Absolutely! If someone thinks you have too much yarn already in your stash, I can include a note in your order that says "Congratulations on your win!"
  • I want to buy a gift, can I do that?"
    Absolutely you can organise a gift for someone. Just check that box on the checkout page and I will wrap it at no charge, and include a note. Just make sure you let me know what you want included on the notes section of the checkout page. If you can't decide what to get, contact me and we can organise a gift card to be sent to your the value you want, at no charge.
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